Spring sunshines comes to Sydenham Hill Woods

It was a perfect spring day today in sunny old Brixton. OH and I wanted to go for a walk so I suggested Sydenham Hill Woods. We'd been a few years ago and I'm always amazed how wonderful this wood is and it's only 10 minutes away from Brixton on the train. 

Though the weather was so beautiful we chose to walk through my beloved Brockwell Park and got on the train one stop up at Herne Hill. Here is Brixton Lido in all it's glory! But two stops later we were in Sydenham Hill Woods

 There were carpets of wood anemones 
 I love new shoots coming through 
 Still quite a bit of mud around following the down pours over the weekend 
 A rare action shot of OH battling through overgrown holly bushes!

 Mountain Ash (we think)
 and new beech leaves 
 I simply couldn't do this view justice. The wood was so vast and certainly felt ancient but in the background we could make out the city of London in front of us spotting famous landmarks such as the BT Tower, the Gerkin and the Shard. 
 We found evidence of a long abandoned railway line no doubt a victim of the huge cull in the 60s. 
 But what I hadn't realised is that it's the spot where Camille Pissarro painted his famous painting Lordship Lane Railway, Dulwich in 1871

Some signage was clearly past it's best... 
 Spring greens are so vibrant 
 And new leaves are so translucent 
 Like jewels in the sky 
Spring is finally here and it's warms the soul. If you're ever in South London jump on a train and go to Sydenham. The wood is literally 2 mins from the station and it is a totally magic place to visit. 

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