Reclaim Brixton

Now if you're a regular reader you will know that as well as anything craft related my other love in life (apart from O.H.) is Brixton. I've lived here for nearly 20 years now and I love it. I moved here when it still had a bad reputation and long before it was trendy or cool to live here. I have so many friends and neighbours who I have got to know over the years. I've been going to the same hairdresser on Coldharbour Lane almost as long as I have lived here, going to the same Therapy Centre to get my back sorted out for at least 10 years and I know the landlord of my local pub. But things are changing. Gentrification is happening and while things change things are currently not changing for the better. Locals and businesses are being priced out. My local, my beloved Canterbury Arms has been given a death sentence. It is  a wonderful Victorian pub, the oldest in Brixton and despite it's heritage it  will be knocked down to make way for block of plan, modern flats. The shops under the railway arches are under threat of eviction and / or a triple rent increase and Lambeth Council plan to redevelop the local town hall into a modern monstrosity. The heart of Brixton is being ripped out due to greed and profit. The community that stuck with Brixton during the dark times when no one wanted to come  to Brixton are now being cast aside now that there is a profit to be made.

Then there is the lack of social housing. Estates being left to fall into disrepair so that they can be pulled down. The term 'luxury' flats is becoming a common sight in Brixton, even my own block was recently described as luxury which is laughable if you see it. Lovely as it is luxury it is not. New developments are being built but very few of it is social housing so people are being priced out. Even my neighbours who have lived in Brixton the same length of time as me have had to move as they simply can't afford to live here anymore. So the community which is Brixton's strength, and HUGE selling point is disappearing.

Anyway this weekend there was a Reclaim Brixton demo which was a chance for people to voice their opposition to current proposals and showing their support for the community. It was a peaceful, fun affair full of love, music and beats where I saw so many familiar faces. Here is a large selection of my favourite pics on such a wonderful celebrating my neighbourhood which was standing up to have their voice heard and say no, this is not the way forward.

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