Crafty Fox Talks - Blogging, Social Media and Events

Was lucky enough to photograph the last Crafty Fox Talk  entitled 'Blogging, Social Media and Events' - a topic dear to my heart! And featuring Tilly Walnes (Tilly and the Buttons), Jo Robinson (HAM) and Zoe Arch (Crafty Candy). Oh and the event took place in the super cool Moo offices.
 Yes it is meant to be upside down 
 No wonder Moo are such a great company to order from (seriously if you're in need of a business card these are  the guys to go to!)
Stickers everywhere with my favourite word EVER! So loved Moo....
 Quick snap shot before the talks got started 
And we're off - Tilly up first
 As you can see it was packed out
 With everyone listening intently
 There is always a chance to have a chat and network after the event
 Looks like everyone enjoyed the refreshments. The popcorn was out of this world - a different flavour with each bite ... a little adictive if I'm honest!
 The inspiration table was over flowing 
 Apologies, quick switch to portrait for my fav pics that way round...

Such a great evening. Interesting talk, inspiring surroundings and creative company - what more could a girl ask for..... 

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