Art never felt so good

So, or should that be sew as I feel this could turn into a puntastic post,a little birdy told me that there was a new installation in town. For one month only Lucy Sparrow  breathed new life in  to an abandoned shop just off Columbia Road turning it into a Cornershop with everything made in felt. Yes you read that right, all the products were made out of felt. And it was incredible.
 The building she used is one I've walked past a few times over the years so I was great to see the dead space being brought back to life. 
 Here's the fridge 
 Shop counter 
 I loved the tins of pilchards 
 Store cupboard favourites. 
And also toiletries and medicines
 The attention to detail was mind blowing 
 Tins of spam were another favourite but they had sold out
 Detail of the lard and butter
 Everyone needs a Rizla in their life 
Or fags if they don't want to roll their own 
 And I was very tempted by the chocolate and sweets. It was mind blowing and I was so glad I'd made the effort to go and see it. 
Now I knew before I went that the products were for sale. I didn't make it up to the shop until a week before it closed and I figured that everything would be sold out by the time I got there or I would want to buy anything. While some of my favourite items (tins of Pilchards and Spam) had sold out there was still some stuff for sale and I found myself craving to buy a piece. I had a think and tried to think what would look good on it's own. I mean the Rizla's were amazing but would they look as good out of context on their own. And how random would a can of Baked Beans or a jar of Hellman's look in my living room. So dear reader I opted for the Smirnoff vodka. Figured it would look great on  the shelf next to my other booze. Won't get it until September once the exhibition has ended but I'm so excited to have a piece of something that was truly special!

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