So you thought we just went to Gent? Oh no, we also went to Amsterdam. And we were able to get there on the train. I love a good train journey as you see so much more of the country.
 So this is a quick picture taken at Antwerp on our train journey. This picture doesn't do Antwerp justice as it was three platforms deep. Yes you read that right three platforms deep. It was epic! We can in on the top platform and changed trains onto a train that was on the bottom platform. Thank goodness we had 40 minutes to change trains!
 So the reason why I wanted to go to Amsterdam was to see the newly reopened Rijksmuseum. I went to Amsterdam in my mid 20s (so about 15 years ago) and whilst we did some culture (Van Gogh and Anne Frank's House) the Rijksmuseum then seemed fuddy duddy and old fashioned so it wasn't on our to do list. Instead we went to the Sex Museum and tried out the Coffee Houses. But things change and now I wanted to go. Best tip I was given - buy your ticket in advance. Great tip. So here were some of my highlights. Above a Vermeer
 Chinese porcelain 
 Loved this 18th Century paint box 
 Cheeky bit of Meissen pottery 
And an outside exhibition of Calder. 

 OH and I did what we did in Gent and walked a lot (though as Amsterdam is so big we did use the trams) 
 Like Gent bikes are king in Amsterdam. If it was similar in London I would happily cycle to work but as it is it's far too scary
 This street does look wonky, however apparently it's so that the winch to take things up the floors is straight. 
Was lucky enough to see the winch in action so you know what I'm talking about 
 But of course Amsterdam is canals 
 And architecture 
 And reflections  
And canals with reflections!
 I did go back to the Van Gogh museum. My top tip for this museum is don't buy a ticket in advance - it didn't seem to make much difference. I would advise get there early to avoid the crowds... 
But it is stunning and well worth a visit!  
 OH has family who live in Amsterdam and they recommended this incredible street market 
 Which was very, very long 
 Selling all sorts of things from Buddahs 
To belts! 
And to end my Netherlands odyssey here is OH's sunglasses reflecting the world go by as we had a cheek beer. Yes I've discovered White Beer - my new favourite drink.... yay! So that's our holiday. Summer is fading and autumn is looming. Ah well, there is always next year! 

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