Brixton Splash 2014

For the third year in a row I've been lucky enough to be one of the photographers for Brixton Splash. Think Notting Hill without the floats. It's a day when Brixton comes out in force to party down Coldharbour Lane and Atlantic Road to five sound systems or listen to the live music on the main stage in Windrush Square.
 The day was an eclectic range of music. First up Electric Belles, a female choir 
Followed by Slow Faction, punk band - see - eclectic but this is no bad thing!
 The wonderful compares for the day were LB and Max da Cab. Here they are all fresh faced at the start of the day and they kept going for seven hours people! Where they found their energy I don't know....
Next up Sol Sine, brilliant energy 
 But it wasn't all about the music. There was an arts and crafts market 
 These guys jumped on  the loom band band wago setting up a stall - they'll go far!!
I took a bit of time out from the Main Stage to see what was happening on the sound systems 
And there was some brilliant old school dancing - was still early on in the day so there was enough space to strut stuff. 
Back to the main stage and Imperial Works was bouncing 
I'd taken Shadow Dancer's picture at the Splash warm up gig but wasn't able to see his set. Boy was it good. A mind blowing set!
T-Dot next up
Back  to the Sound Systems (before the crowds got to big - sadly I'm not great in too much of a crowd) 
This was outside Studio One Sound system on Coldharbour Lane 
These lovely ladies asked me to take their picture - was more than happy to oblige! 
I decided to check out the view from the stage whilst South London Samba was on - big mistake as the stage was literally jumping with the rhythms! Still great view! 
The Mayor of Lambeth, Councillor Adedamola Amin gave a short speech highlighting the diversity of Brixton, definitely one of the areas strengths and why I've lived here for 18 years.  
Next up my new favourite band Keo and the Movement which blew me away at the Splash Warm Up gig earlier in the month. Was great to see them again! 

Also loved photographing Queen Addi. Here she is at the start of her set doing a bit of self promotion of throwing out demo copies. 
She then jumped up on the speakers, surely against health and safety
 But wow, a pumping set.... which you can check out on You Tube 
 Rhiannon Starkey is only 14 with an incredible voice
Followed by the rocking Naomi Keysha who I nearly missed but so glad I didn't!
Followed by Majah Tunder who fit a lot into one set 
Naomi Keysha came back with Charmer. Just love these two and still singing Lose It three days later - check out the link for the video.... 
The sun shined as people took time out to grab something to eat. 
As you can see the crowds by the sound systems were starting to build up during the afternoon. This was the view from the Station overlooking ISpy's sound system 
 I bumped into my neighbour Jonny and his friends who was enjoying Chico and Friend's sound system on Pope's Road. 
Here is Jamila who has an incredible voice and is a Splash regular
Still the crowds kept coming. This was the view up Rushcroft Road, where you could by pass the crowds on Coldharbour Lane if you want to get back up to the main stage. 
Next up Se Se. Stunning 
Quick backstage pic with Lushous 
Before she went on stage. 
Now Aswad were due to play the Lambeth Country Fair but were cancelled due to the biblical rain fall just before they were due on stage. Luckily we didn't have the same problem when Brinsley Forde came on and did a solo set 
But brought on some friends to keep him company 
Including the wonderful Levi Roots who is always a pleasure to photograph and local legend who never forgets his old manor 
As you can see the crowds happy to join in 
Asher Senator, Chair of Brixton Splash also came on stage. That man has such energy and is just one of the many people who work so hard during the year to make sure Splash runs. Remember people Splash is a non profit organisation and everyone gives their time for the love of the event and Brixton.
Now I must admit the last band of the day surprised me. Nico, a rock band - but still amazing.
And gave me one of my favourite if surprising view of the day!

So there we have it - a small, personal view of an incredible day. I love Splash and I feel blessed to be able to be involved in a small way. If you're reading this because you went to Splash this year why not think about volunteering next year? It's so rewarding and you meet people you might not necessarily get to meet which is always a great thing. Don't have any time? Then why not donate? Splash is non profit and had their funding cut by £20,000. A couple of quid for a great afternoon - surely it's worth it! Rant over, roll on next year for the wonderful Splash 


  1. Excellent overview Marths. BLESSED STILL LOVE LB...Co host 2014 Peace

  2. Thanks LB - much appreciated :)