Crafty Update

It's been a busy month so time for a quick catch up of what I've been up to craft wise. I've had to hold back posting a few of these as they were cards for friend's birthdays who also read the blog so couldn't risk posting about them.

So first up is a card for my friend Tig who is also the person, apart from family, I have been friends with for the longest - we first met 30 years ago!! I know, impossible given that we're both 21... Anyway this design is from my favourite new book 'Feathered Friend's' by Mollie Makes which I was kindly given by Sinead from Crafty Fox. If you can't guess it's a Kingfisher paper cut with a pale blue mulberry paper behind.

Next up is my friend Mark's birthday card. He too is of the class of '73 and celebrated his birthday this month. I used his Osymyso logo as the inspiration and was really pleased with the results. I worry that I don't have as many original ideas as I should have but loved this. One of my favourite designs to date.
OH thinks I go through fads, which I suppose is true though the reality is that there is so much I want to try and not enough time to do it all! When I first started to write up Crafty Progress I had just bought Laura Howard's 'Super Cute Felt' and tried a few of the projects. I really enjoyed making a pin cushion and needle case but then never got round  to making anything else in felt despite having a huge pile of felt looking at me. I had bought a book / magazine called Made in Felt which was very inspiring. It also featured the vampire zombie above which I love as he so makes me smile. The pattern is originally from the book Zombie Felties by Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skeate which I've thought about buying in the past but was never sure what I would do with 16 felt zombies, but one is just perfect!   

Another thing I've been working on are turning records into clocks.  I've chosen the records for the image rather than the music. Is that sacrilegious? Is turning a record into a clock sacrilegious given how much I love music. Possibly but I do like them.... I made one for my friend's birthday back in May and then treated myself to a Queen 7" using 'Don't stop me now' , which is a song that always puts me in a good mood and seems most appropriate for a time piece. Anyway I made a few more and gave the one above to Mark for his birthday.

And may put this clock in what may become a very eclectic Etsy shop with blankets, clocks, cards and jewellery. So not what you're suppose to do but hey ho....

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