A little gem in Cheltenham

By The Yard from Rachael Lewis on Vimeo.

As you are no doubt aware I am a great supporter of the Crafty Fox Market which is where I first met the fabulous creative due behind 'Stuffed Nonsense' and even treated myself to a weirdy beardy cushion from them last year. Anyway they have done what I think a lot of craft minded people would love to do and opened their own shop in Cheltenham called By The Yard. Here is an inspirational vimeo telling the story of how the shop came together through to opening night. I only wish I lived a little closer to Cheltenham .... If you are in that neck of the woods do visit and tell me it's as wonderful as I imagine. Or you can visit Stuffed Nonsense's Etsy Shop or if you're in London they'll be at the Renegade Craft Fair in November. Now if only I had the balls to be as brave as they are.

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