Crafty Fox Autumn Market

I've come down with a virus... must be that time of year when Crafty Fox comes to town as I always seem to have something wrong with me when it happens. But still it is a joy every time (the fair that is not being ill....!). I am a huge fan of the Crafty Fox which spreads the word about designer makers in such a good way! Not only are there amazing stalls (with different makers every day) but there is tea and cake, booze and workshops if you need a break from shopping. I may be a little biased as to how brilliant I think it is as I take photos for them BUT I wouldn't take them if I didn't enjoy it so much! So where to begin? There were some familiar faces and some new, and soooo many amazing stalls to high light. So in no particular order...

I've recently been lured by the joys of felt needling which is my new fad and I love it. So seeing Chloe's work was divine. How could you not smile when you saw these? Loved, loved, loved them...
I've seen Papercut Writer's work on line and have always admired it from a far so it was great to final see it in the flesh (and meet her in person!). Now I really enjoy papercutting but I don't think I've yet mastered doing such fine work as the Papercut Writer. The other bonus was that we were both able to swoon over the forthcoming Rob Ryan exhibition and confirm with each other that he is a god and it's not just our imagination....  
I'm a sucker for a good plushie and these are serious good plushies! And a joy to photograph....
These prints really stood out for me. So bright and bold paying homage to the joys of South London living !
Cecily is a regular at the Crafty Fox and I adore her work so much. I was super excited to see that she now has some tumblers with her fabulous London Skyline which meant a certain someone's Christmas present now sorted!
I first saw Mister Peebles at Cut and Paste which was a pop up shop run by Crafty Fox and Brixi and just the thought of them make me smile. I bought the David Meowie card but still chortle when I see 'Jimi Hen drix' or two mice with some spools of cotten 'keeping it reel'

Alice Tamm, the genius behind Bird in Hats, is another regular at the Crafty Fox. The concept is simple: birds in hats but the results are simply irresitable!

Forgotten Stitches
Forgotten Stitch evoke a bygone era and I loved the lay out of their stall.

Miwary is another Crafty Fox regular and her products are fabulously quirky and are a joy to photograph.  

 Home Slice Design were so fresh but evoked past time. Seaside and fish and chips made me  think of the summer just gone.
I first met Jill at the Urban Art Fair run in Brixton over the summer and have been smitten ever since. If I had to choose a favourite stall of the weekend it would this one. Her screenprints are just stunning (though I am a sucker for any bird image)! They are so simple yet bold. And the feel of her screen printed suede purses and travel card covers is incredible, so soft. If I could I would have bought everything !!!

So there we have it. My brief run down of my highlights from the Crafty Fox Market but there were so many amazing people on both days. It's a real priveledge to be able to photograph this event. I hope you enjoyed the photos too..... More of my photos (as well as others) can be found on the Crafty Fox Facebook page.

 Fancy seeing it for yourself? Next market in Brixton is 7th & 8th December. Christmas shopping ... YAY!

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