Crafty Update

You will not doubt recall my recent flurry of crochet blankets, some of which were made for new little people. Well here is the latest recipient, Alexandre, my new next door neighbour modelling his.
It's so nice to see that they are being used, and hopefully loved! And obviously he is soooo cute! He's just over a week old now. You can find the original post about the blanket here. My friend Donna says that the blanket I had made for her daughter in a previous crafty update  is still loved 18 months later! 
And here is the card I made on the day of his birth. You can still see that the glue is very wet but was the only time I had to photograph the card before I gave it to his parents.
I also made these free  gifts from the wonderful Mollie Makes. I've been subscribing since I think issue 4 (now on issue 22) and although there are always a little gift / project with each magazine I've never actually got round  to making one. And so to try and reduce my stock pile I thought I'd been start to make a few. I was very happy with the results and kept hands busy last Saturday Night !
A colleague at work recently joined me on the Dark Side once he celebrated his 40th. He's a huge Star Wars fan and so I was inspired to design a Darth Vader paper cut card. It took much longer than anticipated but I think it was worth.
Finally I've put together a couple of collections of coasters using my photos. These I'm calling my Autumn and Summer collection. What do you think? I so chuffed with the results.

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