Up on the roof

After our few days away in Lisbon we still had the rest of the week off so after spending a day unpacking, shopping, washing etc we decided to visit the South Bank which was celebrating neighbourhood. The whole areas was full of surprising garden displays.
 Here are some suggestions for growing veg which were right next to the Thames.
The windows gave great views of Hungerford Bridge
But the main destination I wanted to check out was the roof garden which I had known about for ages but was never sure where it was.  
But wow was it worth the wait. Here is a quick snap of one of the guys who works on the garden who I think I'd seen on Gardner's World. The space was incredibly and I'm hoping to return again soon.
 And how fabulous more street art! I've seen this artist's work in Old Street but it really brightened up the dull concrete of the South Bank
There was also an interesting woodland section towards the end which was crying out for a bit of black and white photography!
I loved these undulating hills of wheel barrows jam packed with flowers and veg. They were so vibrant and such a creative way to display plants
And look at this amazing array of herbs though frustratingly it didn't smell of herbs as much as we thought it would do though we were again right next to the Thames
But it wasn't all flowers at the South Bank. There was also a free exhibition on the Beano complete with photo opportunities and also a farting door mat (you stepped on it and it farted).
It was so refreshing to see the South Bank so green and vibrant. If you have the chance visit! And to find the roof garden just follow the yellow steps..... And wait for your breath to be taken away! I'll leave you with a few bees and flowers to brighten your day (hopefully)
And don't forget these were all taken in Central London! Just incredible....

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