Time for tea

As you may have read I reached the dreaded 40 in May. Now I'm not a big one for parties (I too often fear that no one is going to turn up then I always want to leave early which you can't do for your own party) but felt that I should do something so I invited some of my female friends for tea in a London Hotel. Of course it being me it was no ordinary tea party, this was an Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party and it was DEVINE!
The choice of tea was Mint Chocolate Chip, Rhubarb and Custard or Apple Pie. We had Apple Pie which was a lovely fruit tea. I did also have champagne and coffee.....
This is the cake stand. And practically everything was edible. The scones were made with blue cheese. The tea cups with the flowers you can just make out at the bottom had popping candy on top of  a green tea mousse AND the tea cup was made of real chocolate. The stripy thing was white chocolate encasing a mango mousse with a yoke of mango which was devine.
This is a small tick tok victoria sponge. Nom nom nom nom.....
The top cup was edible carrots made from meringue and hand made strawberry and cream marshmallow toad stools.
And for the finale a drink me bottle which was a different flavour with each mouthful (passion fruit and mango amongst others).

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