A life in colour

My mum has always been making things, ever since I can remember and one name that was always around was Kaffe Fassett, an American who discovered knitting following a trip to Scotland and has been working in textiles of one form or another ever since. Mum had many of his knitting books (yes he's a bloke to top it all) and has done some of his tapestry kits from Ehrman - hell I've even started one of the kits which are very therapeutic but do take a long time. Anyway the Fashion and Textile  Museum was holding a retrospective which I just had to go and see. So I left OH at home (really not his cup of tea) and off I went.
The name of the exhibition was 'A Life in Colour' and boy did it live up to expectations. AND you could take photos (as long as you didn't use flash). If only more exhibitions would let you do this!
It was a joy to see the design process from jug to painting to tapestry
 Mum (who has always quilted ever since I could remember) says she doesn't like his quilts, however I loved the bold colours in this. A cacophony of colour that just shouts happiness!
 But it was the section inspired by fruit and vegetables which was my favourite section. I would have loved this chair!
Look at these fabulous cushions inspired by an aubergine, cabbage and frog!
And this amazing radish (sorry about the strange perspective, it was on a table so I had to take it at a jaunty angle!)  
Of course there were the jumpers which are so my mum!! So 80s / 90s but still amazing (even though they're not really my cup of tea).
And there even pots! This is made from broken china.
But even the exhibition display screamed colour. Look how bold and beautiful this display is.
I came away from this exhibition with renewed energy. I always seem to flit from project to project and always seem  to have something on the go. I had felt frustrated by this process as I aways feel I can't focus on one thing which I used to see as a weakness, however this is how Kaffe works. He has several projects on the go and it means he can pick  up each projected with a renewed energy as he hasn't become jaded as he hasn't worked on it solely. So hurrah! I should embrace my working method and be confident on what I do.... and be bold with my colour.


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