How did that happen?

Well it may surprise you  to learn that I have reached the grand old age of 40! I know! I'm not sure how that happened either.... and to celebrate in style I dragged OH to the zoo for the day!
And boy did we have a good time despite the fact it was a little over cast. Here are the penguins messing about in the water
Sharing food at lunch time
And showing off to OH
I even managed a close up of a very rare (not) seagull who was on the look out for a spare fish or two (fat chance by the looks of it but you've got to give them points for trying)
But it wasn't just all penguins. How cute is this guy cleaning his tail
And there was a new silver back gorilla in town which everyone went ape about (sorry... couldn't resist)
And this is a sleeping scarlet ibis - just stunning colours - shame they were all asleep...
Our friend Claire stopped by (she is a member) who took us to a part of the zoo we were unaware of where we saw  this cheeky monkey checking out the Gardner's tools. I'm not quite sure how it tasted mind
I loved the butterfly house though it was so humid I'm afraid you'll have to make do with a few mobile shots.
And this is the biggest moth in the world, the size of your hand big - it was huge!!
And finally do you remember Burt? Couldn't resist taking him along to have his photo with the hippos, well pygmy hippo but it was better than nothing!
So there we have it! That's how I spent my 40th with my wonderful OH. And do I feel like I'm 40? Hell no, inside I'm still about 6.... perhaps I'll grow up by the time I reach 50 (though I doubt it!)

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