The luckiest girl in town

I have been thoroughly spoilt the past week celebrating my birthday and thought I'd share some of the amazing things I've been given:
I had a small gathering of friends and colleagues at work.
The invite was bring your own bottle and / or cake (you can never have too much cake!). My friend Kieron baked me the most amazing raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes. They were D E V I N E
And look at this bad boy which my friend Kevin brought. Yep it was a cake fueled evening!
OH got my a set of Emma Bridgewater eggs cups (which match my mug) and they come in their own chicken coup  box - amazing!
And a mug of my favourite Underground poster for the zoo
And look I got a similar image at the Zoo  
OH figured I'd eaten too much cake the day before so I had  a pork pie with candles instead - it was yummy mind! We bought it when we were in York and it was might fine!
And how amazing is this card which is a paper cut from and made my friend Sophie.
And not only did she give the card but also this (though I need to take a better photo as I've missed a bit off the bottom - sorry Soph....). I was blown away by both, just amazing!
And my friend's Claire and Mark got me this amazing sewing basket from Libertys which also matches the pin cushion I treated myself to when we were there the other week. I had actually been secretly (or so I thought) lusting after this.....
I've had the most amazing week, and so many gorgeous gifts from friends and family. I'm also off shopping soon as I have vouchers burning a hole in my pocket AND I'm off for a rather special tea party this weekend with some girlfriends. Watch this space, it's hopefully going to be amazing! I still can't quite believe I'm 40. But it makes me realise how lucky I am to have such incredible friends, family, colleagues and best of all my wonderfully grumpy OH... wonder what we'll do for my 50th!


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