A weekend away

Well a few weeks ago (I know, sorry it's been busy) OH and I went up to York to help my friend Grainne celebrate her birthday. She is 2 days older than me and I even remember her 16th birthday (though I won't go into details....)
The journey was lovely with huge sways of yellow all the way up. I love this image of yellow with the steam of industry behind it.
And look how impressive York station is - I love the curves of this building, Victorian engineering at it's best!
Anyway first things first we came as David, Grainne's partner, had organised a rather large party including this amazing cake which is a bar of chocolate! And each chunk had '40' written into it! Was a great party but very few photos I'm afraid....
I should also introduce you to Skylon, the new addition to their household. I'm not normally a dog person but I think I fell a little bit in love with Skylon.
Here is OH playing rough and ready entertaining the dog with one of her many toys!
We also saw some of the sight including York Minster
 I also loved the cute little side streets (though not everyone agrees with me)
 And this was about 5 mins away from their house along the river. Pure bliss. I love visiting them in York, we always have fun!
 And finally the other great thing about York are the geese. The town is covered in geese and their young ruling the roost
They seem to be in groups with lots of adults standing guard and boy did they hiss if they thought you were getting too close!
And finally how cute is this little gosling - one of my favourite photos from the weekend. It was so nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of London for a few days. We even had sunshine and sat in the garden (and / or beer garden) but reality beckoned and we had to return home

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