In my neighbourhood

Now if you're a regular reader, or know me, I live in Brixton which often has a bad press, but did you know it had a working windmill. Yes you heard that right a working windmill in Brixton. And this year they finished an amazing mural which I went up to see last weekend.
The colours on it are so vibrant and happy, it was such a shame that it was a grey day when I took the photos
But it sits nicely behind the playground
And here is the windmill in all it's glory!
I had gone up to see the mural unveiled and there was a band playing
Also blossom has been in abundance this year and I found this amazing tree in the Peace Gardens in central Brixton and wanted to share the shots I took before going up into town.

Again annoying that it was such a grey day but fear that I have to get to used to it being grey as  the forecast isn't looking great so it may be another long, grey summer....


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