King's Cross transformations

It was a gloriously sunny day today so OH and I headed for the not so obvious King's Cross Station. There has been building work here for what seems a life time. They certainly seemed to start on work when I was in my last job which was nearly 11 years ago. But King's Cross station has had a make over so it's starting to no longer look like the poorer next door neighbour to the sparkling St Pancras.
It was unrecognisable though we did come through a side entrance
Did remind me of the Great Court at the British Museum mind as you can see in this close up
But surely they're missing a trick - how on earth is Harry and co going to get Hogwarts without signage to platform 9 3/4, serious oversight!
Anyway we wandered above ground to where the new Central Saint Martin's College campus is located via a lovely avenue of trees holding on to the very last of their leaves

When we got there we were mesmerised by the fountains which were full of quite damp children (who will no doubt now have caught a chill) but the performance the fountains gave was amazing though difficult to capture

Though hopefully you get the idea.....
We then walked along the canal which was gorgeous in the golden hour (just as the sun was fading).
But is such a great mixture of ye olde worlde with the canal boats but still very urban with trains going by every few minutes including Eurostar which we took to Brussels.
At the end of the canal we stopped off at the St Pancras Church which I love. This is right next to the railway and dates back to the 14th Century. To make way for the railway they had to clear a large part of the graveyard but as a minder have piled the gravestones around a tree. I always find it strangely magical and / or moving.
Finally the greatest part of today was the weather and autumn. I can't tell you how much I love Autumn with the changing colours and light. The problem with Autumn are all the leaves that fall and what to do with them once they're on the ground. Camden Council were power jetting the leaves in to the road to be sucked up by the street cleaner. It certainly made for interesting pictures!

And so there we have it, final day out before going into hospital tomorrow for my operation. Starting to get a little nervous now but will be glad when it's over and done with! Hopefully it won't be too long until I blog again but apologies in advance if there is radio silence for a little while. I hope to be tweeting if you follow me @akamarthaloves otherwise will be in touch soon

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