Crafty update

Blimey I haven't blogged about craft projects for ages. Part of the reason is because I was so busy out and about over the Summer and also health problems (see previous blog post). But also I have been busy for months doing a commission for my cousin who's friend has had twins. Blimey twins - just my luck!! Anyway here is the first piece I did:

I've nearly finished the second, slightly longer piece which I will blog about soon (promise) but it has taken a very long time - I'd forgotten how slow cross stitch can be but it has been very therapeutic.
It was also Erin, my honorary niece's 18th. Not quite sure how she got so old so quickly (I first met her when she was 9 and time seems to have flown) but felt I needed to do something special. Can you guess it's my own design...
And here is OH's birthday card (not an original design as you can possibly tell)
And finally I realised that I haven't shown  you the card I did for my mum and dad's 50th wedding anniversary which was back in July. Again not original design but I enjoyed doing them both. More to follow soon I hope!

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