Cumbria at Autumn

Now if you know me you'll know I was born and bred in Cumbria before I moved to the big smoke when I was 18. I'm proud to be Cumbrian and seem  to be holding onto my accent as long as I can and love going home except at Christmas. Trying to negotiate engineering works and bad weather has lead to me to go home for Christmas in November. And this year I was soooooo lucky  with the weather. The first day I experienced heavy rain, mist, snow and hail.

But luckily the first few days were filled with seeing friends and family. And then the sun came out!

And oh boy did it come out! This is a view from Coniston Water. I went to school approximately 5 mins walk from this view. I know, I was very lucky! Though I still remember a birthday when we went canoeing and I ended up have the bumps in the water - not fun.....
This is Tarn Howe near Coniston, I once had to go orienteering around here - it was a miracle I made it back alive - direction isn't really my strong point.....
The following day was just as spectacular and it was great to get in the car and be a tourist for a while with camera and parents in hand. This is Langdale
And this is the view down the infamous Struggle by Kirkstone Inn. The road up is very steep but the views were worth it. And yes that is snow on the ground....
This is a typical Lake District view of farm buildings. I love the Autumn colours
And wow! Look at the reflection on this (Ulleswater). Incredible! I've been in the Lakes during good weather but the reflections and light were amazing.
And finally this is Derwent Water which is near Keswick. Annoyingly they wouldn't take me to the Pencil Museum which are named after the Water... I think I was joking when I asked to go but they do make mighty fine pencils....

All in all was a great trip home, was great to see my family and they were pleased I seem to bring good weather for a few days at least. I have a few more images on Flickr if you're interested.


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