A work celebration

 By day I work at UCL Institute of Archaeology as one of the administrators and this weekend we celebrated our 75th Anniversay which for archaeology in education is quite a long time (believe it or not) founded in the late 1930s. Agathe Christie even walked the corridors of our previous building as she was married to Max Mallowan, Professor of Western Asiatic Archaeology in our Department. On Friday it was a chance for staff and students, past and present to celebrate in style.Above is a picture of just some of the crowd for the speeches (and free booze....)

 On Saturday we closed off Gordon Square and showed off many examples of experiemental archaeology. Please note there are photos of animal butchery towards the end of this post.

 Above and below flint napping.

 Dying wool using natural methods
 Processing a deer skin (I didn't think that I would be going the lift with a deer carcus that day!!)

And finally butchery using a flint. I used to work for the Crafts Council so I joke that I used to deal with Craft of today and now dealing with Craft of the past.....

And finally there were lots of people enjoying the day with their family. Above is the wonderful Rupert who is very calming when he occasionally attends meetings!

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