Brixton Jubilee Market

The long Bank Holiday is here but after rushing around so much for the past few weeks it's a relatively quiet weekend for me. Plus OH has been working at the Emirates (for the Coldplay gig) and so I had some time  to myself. My camera and I returned to the High Tea and Flea market in Brixton to take more images for both myself and the organisers and what a festive display they had:

 Bunting a go-go
 And lots of Union Jacks everywhere !

 Last week I mention Khamsa but failed to take decent pictures of their really yummy sweets so I was delighted to see them back again.
 These looked delicious but taking photos of food is a little too tempting for a foodaholic as myself and had already exceeding my self imposed limit.

 The market certainly looked fabulous with all the bunting  
 And I'm afraid I couldn't resist taking another picture of Anna Smith Bake's produces - best cakes in town!
I also had a little wander round Brixton Village

And ended up with a nice bw picture of Electric Avenue - first street in London to have electricity and it's also the street Eddie Grant sings about. Next week it's my work's 75th Anniversary where hopefully there will be lots of opportunities for more photos. Until next week....

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