A wander through the city

OH and I went on yet another wander through the City of London, this time without a guide book just wandering around which was great! No pressure on making sure you're going the right way though does mean you miss out on some of the history. Plus I had hoped to go past St Paul's but only realised when I got home that we had missed this out!

I've been experimenting a lot with black and white at the moment. Certainly very hand when the weather is so dull and grey!
Still despite the weather people were still sitting out and relaxing at the base of the Monument.
I think this column had recently been restored - there was a distinct smell of stone and plaster and it positively glistened!
Everywhere you go in the City you can't avoid the amazing reflections in the new modern building
This was a photo of rubbish through a window in a winding alley - I love the spooky feel of the final image!
I think someone needs to clean these windows.... this was one of many words of wisdom
I love the hundreds of alleys you find linking streets and squares in a great medieval jumble. 
These are the cobbles from Mitre Square - one of the sights of Jack the Rippers murder's and one of the few places with original cobbles - so yes JR may well have walked over these very cobbles!
And opposite is a very atmospheric alley with lots of old fashioned street lights 
And finally a pair of the little and large phone boxes in Smithfields Markets. One day OH and I will be organised and do this walk during the day when I think there will be a completely different atmosphere. However I love wandering through these streets soaking up the noises and smells of London. I don't think it's something we will ever tire of!

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