Crystal Palace

Although I'm meant to be 'taking it easy' after my recent operation I was desperate to get out and enjoy the spring sunshine so OH suggested we jumped on the first bus that came along and saw where it went. I must admit we did wait for the third bus to come along as I didn't want to go to the previous two buses destinations but was more than willing to go to Crystal Palace. Despite living in South London for about 20 years I have never actually been so was super excited. There is something magical about going on a new bus route for the first time!

The infamous aerial (though we did see another close by) with a sneaky shot of OH in the foreground
Sadly The Crystal Palace burnt down  sometime ago (I think in the 1940s but don't quote me - apparently my grand-dad could see it burning from North London) and all that is left are the stair cases and one or two statues. This modern statue is of Paxton, the designer of the Palace. 
It's nice to see that spring is still in the air. I can't get enough of this year's blossom
And sunlight through new leaves on a sweet chestnut. 
Crystal Palace is also famous for their dinosaurs which were a little odd I must admit..... 
Going down the hill was fine, coming back up was very slow going, especially for a first proper walk for over 2 weeks. Poor OH had to do a lot of waiting around for Madam Slowcoach to catch up but I was so glad to get out and about. Taking it easy is starting to take it's toll on my sanity....
Finally another sneaky shot of OH at the top of the park just before we went to the pub. He hates having his photo taken hence the stealth tactics. It's really annoying as I have to practice my portrait technique as I have to take pictures of an important visitor to work at the end of the month. Can't say who yet, will update as and when I can though I was very honored when they asked me given I'm an amateur. 

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