Crafty week twelve and thirteen

Following my sudden trip to A&E via ambulance resulting in emergency surgery you would have thought that I would have had all the time in the world to be creative. But no, when convalescing this isn't the case and for the first week all I could do was work on my blanket which is getting bigger bigger even though progress is slow.

But as time passed I started to get more energy and was able to complete the following:

I used some of my nectar points to get Amazon Vouchers and purchase another book on felt called Big Little Universe of Felt  by Jeanette Lim which had this fantastic cactus pin cushion:

I was a little worried that I had bitten off more than I could chew but was very happy with the results though I must confess I haven't made the match plant pot it's meant to sit on..... Unfortunately the book although nice wasn't as inspiring as I had hoped.

And so continuing the felt theme I finally made the delightful pin cushion from Laura Howard's fantastic Super-Cute Felt book which I've been meaning to do for sometime now (also see Crafty Week Two).

Two pin cushions I hear you cry!?! I now have 2 different sorts of pins and wanted separate cushions to avoid pin confusion in the future. I know - madness....

Anyway the difference between these 2 felt books (mini book review warning) is that Super Cute Felt has projects that are diverse and inspiring encouraging you to use the book as a platform for your own projects where as the projects in Big Little Felt Universe are nice, quirky but all with the same theme. All are 3D objects with no diversity.

I used felt from Laura's supply shop Lupin on Etsy both projects and I'm hoping to do more if I can.
With a lack of creative impulse I did find myself surfing the net quite a lot which resulted in a lot of shopping including these quirky pistol charms which I made into a pair of earrings. Not super taxing but  they made me smile!

Finally I also finished some of the jewellery I had started before I was taken ill:

I'm on holiday over Easter and have had to cancel going to France to see my parents so the upside is hopefully I will have lots of time to be creative which I'm hoping will help recover my lost energy levels... Fingers crossed. I'd forgotten how dull being ill can be! Wish me luck

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