Crafty week fourteen and fifteen

I am thinking that I should rename this series of blogs 'Crafty Fortnight!'. So I've had a week off over Easter which has been very nice though frustrating as I can neither lift anything nor go too far without energy levels failing so I was some what restricted in what I could do. Still I managed to get quite a lot done which I'm pleased about.
 The original blanket is slowly getting bigger and bigger. Only three strips to go for the time being I think.....
 I've been experimenting with jewellery and this is a charm bracelet that I completed. I was particularly pleased with the beads and the wrapping (least I think that's the term...' which I've never done before. This is my yeehah bracelet due to the cowboy theme.
 Also experimenting with confetti by  upcycling unwanted cheesy romance books from the library. Like the effect and might put them up for sale - or wait for someone to get married....
 OK technically not craft but I made flapjack which I don't recall having ever done before (though I'm sure I must have done in my youth). It was absolutely divine and am now hooked. And incredibly easy! Yum yum yum....
 I was suppose to go to France this week to see my parents but due to the op had to cancel. Anyway one of the things I was going to do while there was to get my mum to show me how to do granny squares. As luck would have it  there was an article in my latest Mollies Makes which helped me finally figure out how  to do these (as I'm dyslexic I find patterns a nightmare so the picture guide was a really help). The plan is to do another blanket eventually.

Finally I finished another huge stash of jewellery. I won't bore you with picture upon picture of what I did so you'll have to make do with a snap shot of some cuff links.

Back to work tomorrow, and hopefully normality though energy levels are still dodgy. Hope to complete some felt projects that I have in mind for next week. Fingers crossed!!!

Have a good week x

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  1. Your creations are lovely. Glad to see you are still working away. Hope to see you soon.
    Laura xx