Crafty week Sixteen

 This week as you can possibly tell has been a crochet week! Energy levels still suck which is incredibly frustrating, especially for O.H. I think! Completed my first week back at work but was exhausted over the weekend. Couldn't even go for a wander with O.H. so sat on the sofa and cocheted my little heart out.
 At first I thought I'd experiment with one giant granny square. At first I just thought it would be fun to see if I could do it but then realised it would look fantastic covering part of my sofa. Of course this means I need to do some more to cover the sofa. And it's a big sofa.....

In addition I realised that I could also make a blanket for my friend who is just about to give birth. Am about half way through, so far so good!

And I've also started to stitch together the squares I'd started last week. I do find the stitching part the dullest part so am trying to not let the squares pile up and so am doing a little at a time. Wish me luck!

Anyway hoping to have finished the blanket very soon but think I'm going to make another as a back up. You know how it is with kids!

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