New Year New Year

OK so it's the New Year and it's meant to be a time to make resolutions. So far I have resolved to cut the amount of sugar in my coffee from one and a half to one. So far so good but it's hardly revolutionary is it! I'm never sure if the New Year is the time to start new things so my hopes rather than resolutions for the New Year are:

  • To be more creative
  • To blog more
  • To laugh out loud more
  • To read more

I fear that O.H. already thinks I do alot of the above so perhaps I'm cheating but I always feel I can do more!

I've been reading a lot of blogs about people who have been doing something crafty every day of the year but how do they have time? It baffles me.... so I will try and finish something creative every week and we'll see how that goes.... fingers crossed! And let's hope my time management improves!

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