Crafty week four

Wow! I've reached week four and I can't believe I've achieved so much. Today I made several cards for forth coming birthdays. I can't say who for just in case they're reading.....

I didn't noticed when I stored these stamps that they depicted different stages of a flight of an owl. I love the motion that it gives to this.

In adddition to the cards the squares for  the crochet blanket continue, I'm completed 30 which for 2 weeks isn't bad! I'm hoping that completing a blanket will happen sooner rather than later.

And finally I've almost finished my scarf which I can now wrap around my neck and it's fairly long, however I think it needs one or two balls of wool still.....

So as we're in week four I should do a little catch up on what I've achieved in one month:
2 cross stitched initials (week one)
1 felt brooch (week two)
1 felt needle case (week two)
30 crochet squares (week three and four)
1 scarf (week three and four)
3 cards (week four)

Another achievement of the past month, and one of my new years resolution, was to read more and this month I've read three books which given I'd only read 14 in the whole of 2011 is not bad start. For those of you who don't know me I'm dyslexic so I'm not the fastest reader in the world so I'm doubly chuffed with this. And  the books in question are:

The Death Maze by Ariana Franklin
The Thread by Victoria Hislop
Snuff by Terry Prachett

Just looking at the above I'm exhausted! Luckily February is a short month but who knows what I'll be able to achieve....

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