Crafty work week two

Blimey, I'd almost forgotten what it was like to do a full week at work. I had become so used to not have to think about real life over the Christmas holidays so this week was a bit of a wake up call! However I did manage to get crafty things done.

One of my favourite Christmas pressies were Amazon vouchers which I used to buy a big pile of craft books. The danger of buying lots of craft books is that you flick through them then put them back on the shelf for the longest time with the best intentions to do some of the projects but you never do. So this year I'm trying to combine crafty week with trying out new things in the books I have.

So this week was felt. I'd bought a book 'Super-cute felt' by Laura Howard. Now the title isn't really me (honest) but I thought it would give me the basics that I'd need and also give me ideas on what else I could do. And luckily Laura also has a shop on Etsy so I could order the materials I needed. Much cheaper than trying to buy felt in the shops, and they were sent out very quickly! So my first project was a little pansy brooch. I'm afraid that it's not the best picture....

It was great as it was so simple but so satisfying. I'd forgotten having done cards for so long how nice it was just to sew something. And so if I'm going to sew more (hopefully) I'll need a needle case... and as luck would have it there's one in the book!

I must admit it did take me a little longer that anticipated, however I was using a medium I've never used before and I don't think I've done a blanket stitch (if ever) since I was about 8! But I was pleased with both items.

Laura also has a fabulous blog called 'bugsandfishes'which I'm finding inspirational as well.

My friend Marcus has just returned from India and gave me a fabulous big bag as a present which I thought was ideal for craft projects. It's also the sort of bag which looks as if it should have wool in it so I've also started to crochet a scarf....
One day I may learn to knit but am finding crocheting this whilst watching tv very relaxing...

And so hopefully onto week three. Not quite sure what I'll be doing yet but will hopefully keep you posted next week! 

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