Fragile Days

I was reminded towards the end of last year of my love for Studio Ceramics. I used to work for the Crafts Council many moons ago (as the book buyer in the shop) and I was always drawn to the ceramics and even invested in a few small pieces by Sally MacDonell, Chris Keenan and Elspeth Owen to name a few. So last year the fabulous BBC4 did a Handmade in Britain series which charted the history of ceramics which reinvigorated my interest. I have also been following the recent programmes on Grayson Perry and his exhibition at the British Museum.

So just before Christmas I had a day off from work and decided to go to the V&A then the Grayson Perry exhibition. I took my small point and click camera which didn't get great images. I also felt I rushed round the V&A so yesterday I returned with the digital SLR and below are the images I took.

Firstly I'll mention the Grayson Perry exhibition. This was possibly one of the best exhibitions I have ever been to. From start to end it made me smile. And he didn't just use ceramics, the variety of materials he worked in was mind blowing. The premise was that he would create pieces inspired from the BM collection and they would be exhibited alongside original artefacts. At times it was hard to see which was the original and which was the Grayson Perry. Pure genius!

Annoyingly you couldn't take photos but outside the gallery was Grayson's bike which he rode  to Germany on a pilgrimage with Alan Measles, his teddy bear (watch the Imagine programme and it will all make sense).

The following images were taken at the V&A Ceramic galleries where I could spend hours and hours....

This was an scary close up of a statue

 Lucie Rie's original studio, one of the best potters of the 20th Century
 Philip Eglin who gave me a small tile as a leaving gift from the Crafts Council
 I hadn't realised how pornographic ceramics could be! This reminded me of a piece in the Grayson Perry exhibition....
 This is a tobacco jar by the Morris Brothers. I've only ever seen them on Antiques Roadshow before. They are amazing and make me smile. If you owned one I think you'd be smiling all the way to the bank!
 I found three of four rooms that had ceramics floor to ceiling in glass cabinets. Mind blowing!

More of the same but still amazing...
 I love early medieval imagery

These little guys just made me smile. I think they were chess pieces!

I hope you enjoyed this post. First new blog for 2012 and hope that they will be more regular. Now does this count as being creative....

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