A couple of days in Bologna

OH suggested going to Bologna for our 2018 holiday. Now I must admit I had to look up where it was as I wasn't really sure where it was. He'd read that it was a fantastic medieval city to visit but that not that many people went there so it wasn't as touristy as it's neighbours such as Florence or Ravenna.
For me I had done very little homework for this break thinking that OH had a plan. Turns out he didn't so we spent three days essentially just wandering through the streets taking in the sights. 
The architecture was incredible with something visually stimulating to see on just about any street. 
Hmmmm talking of stimulating these temptresses were at the foot of a fountain of Neptune. Must admit I was a little shocked to see them so think what the response must have been when they first went up in in 1565! I'd read that it was a bit fruity but thought this only referred to the depiction of Nepture, didn't realise these were at the base of the statue. 

Italy has long been assoicated with music and there were lots of references to it's musical past but I'm afraid I didn't note the name of this composer. I did like the way he dominated the skyline though. 
We stumbled upon this incredible courtyard full of frescoes and shields which started life as the Law Department of the University but ended up being the Medical Faculty

Bologna was once full of these towers but these are the only 2 standing. One of them was certainly giving the leaning tower of Pizza a run for it's money! 
The city was full of some many warm, Mediterranean colours 

There was also a lot of oranges and pinks through out the city. 

Sadly there was very little street art but a lot of graffitti which was so sad given how beautiful the city was. However while we were in Bologna we did also see a lot of poverty and youth unemployment is high so it is sadly a reflection of the times. 

Next to our apartment was a park which had the grandest entrance you have ever seen (though I seem to have forgotten to take a photo of it!) but when we went into the park it was tiny and a little disappointing to say the least. But there was a large pond surrounded by these impressive statues. 
And this is a picture of our apartment, the ochre and raw umber coloured building on the left. We had an apartment on the balcony over looking the square. 
As mentioned before I had done very little homework on Bologna before I arrived but I found a leaflet in the apartment about Bologna's canals. Most are now underground but you could still get some stunning views of what remains. 

I loved the details on many of the medieval buildings such as these door handles above and the relief below. 

And just look at that key hole! 

There is a small area near the main square which is dedicated to food. Everything was so enticing but as we were only there for a few days we couldn't really get much. 

And finally a few more shots of the wonderful colours that I spotted  throughout this compact city. 
So there we have my first post from this wonderful city. Coming soon the portrait shots of the city, Venice, Porticoes and 666 steps up a hill..... 

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