More of Bologna

Bologna was a feast for the eyes. There was something at every turn and you may have noticed the previous post featured all landscape photographs. Well now it's turn for the portrait photos, many of the same places in the previous post. It was so difficult to stick to one format of photo!
Firstly more of the intricately decorated Medical Faculty at the university. These went up the stairs and along on the next floor but we couldn't go any further unless we wanted to go into the museum. 

Although Bologna was bombed during WW2 a lot of the medieval parts were still there. I loved the narrow, twisting alleys. 
Just look at the height of these stilts for a medieval house. 
I mentioned in my earlier post the Tower that gave the Leaning Tower of Pizza a run for it's money. You could climb to the top but honestly it was so hot we just kept on walking! 
There were a great deal of churches in Bologna and statues of Saints nearby. Sadly I omitted to take a note of which Saint this once referred to.... 
And the final set of photos are of nothing in particular, just details and colours of buildings that I just liked and spotted during our wanderings. 

I hope you enjoyed this, there are more from our Italian adventure to follow

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