A Week in Pembrokeshire: Part Three

The weather forecast for our first full day in Pembrokeshire wasn't great if I'm honest so we decided to head off to St Davids working on the philosophy that we could duck in and out of buildings if it was wet. Except EVERYONE seemed to have the same idea. It was heaving and after crawling round all four car parks we could find, yes you read that right four, we decided to head off elsewhere. At this moment of time we had no idea where except to get close to the sea which is why we ended up at Whitesands, a short distance from St Davids. The car park was pricing (£5 compared to 50p in Tenby) but it meant we could go for a walk along the cliffs. And the weather was kind - we even saw some blue sky....

 OH and I were struck by the colours. The heather and gorse were in full bloom, sways of purple and yellow which was a feast for the senses. 

 OK so this isn't the best picture (completely wrong lens) but one of the most magical sights was watching this sole ganet glide past us almost level with us. Just beautiful
 Also spotted this wonderful toadstool 

 We walked right out into the headland before heading back. Here is OH contemplating the world from the furthest point. I was a bit of a chicken and didn't go any further. 

 Look see, blue sky or and sea.... 

There was a random field of wheat along the path which was beautiful. 
 I spent an awful lot of the walk looking down as there was such an amazing awry of flora and well mainly flora....
 I seem to have been drawn to all the pink flowers which were very delicate 

And there we have it - our first coastal walk of the holiday. Not a long one, I think it was three miles but utterly magical. And if you ever find yourself not being able to stop in St Davids go to Whitebeaches. OK the car park was a bit pricey but it was money well spent. There was even a loo and a cafe after your walk so you could refuel for the drive home. 

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