A week in Pembrokeshire: Part One

How cute is this cottage? This was home for OH and I in Pembrokeshire last week. I lucked out when I spotted it on Airbnb. I must admit it was a little remote and even included a lane that was about have a mile long but it was perfect for a quiet get away. No tv and while there was a radio there was no reception. Luckily I had downloaded a few radio programmes on my iPad and the internet was remarkably good given how remote it was. Anyway let me share a few pictures of the house.

 It was small and compact though I forgot to take a picture of the bed which was up in the eaves. There was a beam going across the bed and we literally had to limbo into bed which was hysterical. 

 I loved this view. It's the sort of picture I see on Instagram all the time and secretly hanker for such a view but you just don't get it in city. 
 The cottage was also surrounded by young apple trees dripping with apples. 
At the end of our first evening we sat out on what we called the Cwtch seat and watched a magnificent sunset whilst enjoying a glass of wine or two. 

 We did get a second night of amazing sunsets but it wasn't as dramatic as the first.  
 And finally we were surrounded by 2 acres of land with not a sign of another human being anywhere. 
 There were swathes of these incredible pink and white flowers. Does anyone know what they are? The flowers themselves are quite big and the bee you can hopefully make out trying to squeeze into the flowers was huge, at least twice the size of a normal bumble bee. 
 On the last evening I ventured down the hill a little. We could hear a river running at the bottom of the valley but we couldn't see it. You can also just make out the field of heffers which we could hear all day and night. 
And finally this was to show off with the colour of that sky. Yes we really were in Wales and we were so lucky with the weather. So  there we are, a look around where we spent time last week. More to follow soon. 

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