Spring comes to Holland Park

A couple of weeks ago OH and I went for a wander round Holland Park. We'd discovered this park when we went to see the newly relocated Design Museum  but it was January so not looking at it's best. But with spring in the air we figured it would be good to have a stroll and see what else Holland Park had to offer. Here is what I saw:
 I love daffodils - clear signs that spring is on it's way and the colour just gladden the heart! 

 Bizarrely saw these Christmas decorations hanging in a conifer. 
 New leaves are also one of my favourites. When they are young there is an incredibly vibrancy to them. 

 We were lucky enough to see this peacock strutting his stuff trying to impress not one but two hens. 

 The noise was amazing as he ruffled all of his feathers 
 Sadly neither hen were impressed so he left disappointed

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