Brixton Design Trail

Better late than never here are the photos I took during the Brixton Design Trail which was part of Design Week which was, erm, a couple of weeks ago.

First up Brixton Village's avenues were decorated with various logos representing various aspects or landmarks of Brixton. This reflects the fox and cherry sculptures that can be seen above Electric Avenue by Lucy Casson.
 Brixton's Windmill 
 Tribute to Brixton born David Bowie - the theme of the whole trail this year was Bowie inspired Rebel Rebel

Electric Avenue, first street in London to get electricity and also the inspiration behind Eddie Grant's 80s hit Electric Avenue
I must admit though I'm still stumped as to what this one maybe. All I can think is Coldharbour Lane but I could be wrong - if anyone knows tell me! 
Also outside the wonderful Brixi had a giant chandelier by Bobbin and Bow who was also running a workshop at the Crafty Fox Market over the weekend. 
Next up Station Road with some interesting planters to brighten up the place
There was then a Street Gallery on Stockwell Avenue which was given over to the public where creative minds could add their mark to the walls alongside posters from the People's Posters and artwork by local artists Kaylene Alder, Azarra Amoy and street artist Unify. 
It was also where you could express what you think of Brixton, for better or worse. And it didn't seem to matter what age you were. 

In-Habit on Saltoun Road opened it's doors showcasing the Italian Designers. It's a building I've often walked past but have never had the chance to look in before. I think I read somewhere that it was an original Victoria workshop but I may have imagined that.
The pieces on display weren't really my cup of tea but I loved the building 
I didn't also realise that there would so much open space out the back!
Randomly I came across this chicken - one of a pair. Now I love chickens but this was a bit surreal given we were smack, bang in the middle of Brixton. 
Finally the Black Cultural Archives hosted a piece called 'We Stand As Living Monuments' in their courtyard. The installation as inspired by a poem by the BCA co-founder Len Garrison

The pieces was very interactive with mirrors and spinning parts. Whilst I was there there were a couple of kids having lots of fun spinning the various cubes. 

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