Autumn colour and Neon

OH and I haven't been for a walk recently as it's life has been a little hectic, however I'd read in Time Out that there was a display of neon signs by Chris Bracey, the genius behind 'Gods Own Junkward' in Shepherd Market . The exhibition marked two years since his death and was curated by his family. But before we reached our final destination we jumped off the bus at Whitehall and walked up through St James' Park and Green Park to enjoy some of the autumn colour which is starting to show through.

Autumn light is a magical thing. I loved these colours dancing off the lake in St James' Park making it look more like an oil painting than water 
The trees don't seem to be quite in sync so this year's autumn colour is fairly muted (though it could be that I'm being impatient). The weather has been so topsy turvy this year that nature still isn't quite sure what it's suppose to be doing. 
Having said that I love random bursts of bright red shining like a beacon against the green 

However the walk was fairly short so here we in shepherds Market. The Bankrobber gallery is also showing work by Bracey's son Marcus' work, however the gallery was distinctly closed though if you look closely you can see a brief Martha Love selfie!
However the rest of the street was a glow with neon 
Al ot of Bracey's work could be found in Soho and so many of the artworks reflected this heritage 

I think the Lido sign was my favourite though the picture isn't fabulous - apologies!
Back in Brixton the blue skies and Autumn colour continued to shine 
I just love the colours of autumn
So there we have this week's visual feast. More autumn colour to follow

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