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So it's been a while since I've done a Made by Me post. I seem to go through fads with my creativity focusing on one technique at a time. My current obsession is with machine embroidery / applique which I've been using for my latest set of birthday cards to give to friends and family.
First up I made this Great Tit for my dad's birthday which was back in April! That's how long it's taken me to share with you!
Look I even managed a work in progress image as I loved the simplicity of the shape
I'd made this for Fathers Day which was back in June 
Bizarrely I think my favourite bit is the blue bead for his eye! How weird is that!
Fathers Day always leaves me with an annual problem as my mum's birthday is also in June so I need a double dose of inspiration in one month which I sometimes struggle with. But I was really happy with this green woodpecker 

And so I found myself on a roll with this racing horse for my niece's birthday in July. I was really happy with this one (she works for a racing trainer). 
And finally I'm going to end with a few clothes I made. First up is my first Sew Over It Betty Dress which was a dream to make. Such a good pattern, with clear instructions and even videos to help with the making process. It's available as both a paper and PDF pattern. Annoyingly I've made it slightly too big so need to figure out how to do a few nip and tucks but too big is better than too small I recon. I was hoping to take a picture of this in the garden but it was so windy I had to resort to the corridor outside my flat so apologies for the drab backdrop. 
And yes, yet another Merchant and Mills top with fabric I got for my birthday. This is such a great pattern. 
The pattern is a little crazy (lots and lots of buildings) but really works as a top 
Here's a detail shot for you! So there we have it - the latest creative output. Hopefully the next wait won't be as long though at the moment I'm frantically making 4 crocheted baby blankets all due in July / August. 

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