Antwerp's Archiecture

Phew I know - still more posts about Antwerp but seriously it really was a visual feast. So we've covered the artists, the grafitti and even where to find the grafitti but we're not done yet. The Historic part of Antwerp has the most fantastic architecture.
Also when we went to Rubens' House there was an offer for an extra two euros you gained entry in the Cathedral of Our Lady and the Museum Mayer van den Bergh so seemed foolish not to take advantage of this deal. So first up the Museum Mayer van den Bergh which was an eclectic mixture of artworks collected by Fritz Mayer van den Bergh (1858-1901). 

OH was particularly pleased to see these two pieces by Bruegel Elder above (the piece is called Mad Meg) and the Younger below

We spotted this eccentric church spire which reminded us of Hieronymus Bosch 
We then went to the Cathedral of our Lady which is full of Rubens though sadly it's not really to my taste but the building was pretty spectacular 
The pulpit was an elaborately carved affair dating from the 1800s 
And I quite liked this modern statue
Next up are various images from around the old town. 

Above is the spire of the Cathedral. Below was our favorite street which curved round and we ended up on Silver Street. 
This is the Vlesshuis which means Butchers' Hall and apparently the brick work represents the meat and fat. Extraordinary 
And doorways. There were so, so, so many fantastic doorways. Here is just one as there will be lots and lots in another post which focus on Art Nouveau. I know, you can hardly wait can you! 
Our fantastic Airbnb apartment had the most wonderful roof terrace where we watched this stunning sunset. It was also a great spot to watch the swarms of swallows feed at night. If you are thinking of going to Antwerp this apartment was perfect. Clean, well equipped, quiet and only five minutes away from Central Station so the public transport is brilliant! 

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