Brockwell Park continues to Shine

You may recall I went to Brockwell Park last week when the sun was shining but I rushed around as I was against the clock to be somewhere else for 10am so I hadn't had a chance to check out the progress of the Wildflower Meadow. As the sun was shining again on Saturday I jumped on a bus after  Crafty Fox to check it out.
 First up these stunning poppies were next to the Wildflower Meadow. I love the contrast with their urban setting.  
 Whilst dandelions are the bane of the gardeners life I love their disintegration. 

 Above and below is this year's wildflower meadow next to the Lido. I must admit I was a little disappointed as it wasn't looking as good as it has in the past. I'm hoping more will come out in June / July and I'm just a little early. 

 Above and below are a couple of shots from the Community Gardens on the way to the Walled Garden. 
 Vegetables can look beautiful too, especially when in flower

And finally I returned to the Walled Garden which as I mentioned last week and it's amazing how much it has changed in just one week. I thought I couldn't find anything new to photograph but how wrong I was

 One of the draws of the Walled Garden this time of year are the peonies, one of my favourite flowers. Apologies in advance as these are the first of many..... there must be a reason why they are the most Instagrammed flower. 

 These Love-In-The-Mist were mindblowing and I simply can't do them justice. 
 They really did look as if they were in mist. I'm attempting to grow some from seed so it will be interesting to see if they flower as well. 

 The sun through these Canna Leaves was incredible

Yep more peonies

May is such a vibrant month and I love the Walled Garden. So much colour and peace. I'm looking forward to seeing what June brings

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