Behind the camera: Blogtacular Photowalk West (pt 1)

This weekend has been non stop and I'm not quite sure where to begin. So the best thing would be to start at the beginning. Following two years of debate I finally took the plunge and went to the phenomena that is Blogtacular after encouragement from the wonderful Made By Mrs M. An inspirational event attended by so many like minded people but has left me a lot to think about.

The main event was on Saturday but Friday afternoon was when it all started. I'd put my name in for the ballot to go on the photowalk and was in luck - winning a place on Photowalk West. It felt as if I was going to a 90s rave as the start time and location wasn't released until a couple of days beforehand. Part of me was really nervous that the walk would be in my local 'hood Brixton but yay! I was off to Notting Hill, an area of London I don't really know and last visited about 10 years ago.Made By Mrs M went off on another walk which was in Shoreditch. Now I love Shoreditch but I know it like the back of my hand so was super glad that I was off into the unknown.

I was expecting a group of about 10 others  but there was more like 20 - 30 like minded ladies armed with cameras and colour. We descended on the area like a swarm bouncing ideas of each other and revelling being able to stop to take photos at a wim with no one really caring. AND Zoe from Ladybird Likes was on my walk so yay! I knew someone.

I am used to photographing events rather than actually taking part in the event so I found myself torn between taking photos of participants in action and the actual area! So I've divided this post into two. This first half shows the day taking place, the action, the people, the smiles. The next post will be of the final images of the place that I took. Enjoy:

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