World Archaeology Festival 2016

My day job is working as an administrator at UCL Institute of Archaeology and for the past couple of years we have been running the World Archaeology Festival and I've become the regular photographer.  Here are some of my favourites:

The ever popular flint knapping 
 New activity this year was run by the Bioarchaeology and Forensic students where they created a CSI scenario involving a couple of buried pirates in a sand pit - genius!
Oh and if you're freaking out don't worry about the skulls, they are plastic skulls! The real ones are kept locked up and only brought out for teaching purposes

One of our PhD students helps run the local scout group one road up from where I live and every year they come along for the day. 
Face painting is always a crowd pleaser and there were lots of kids who had obviously taken advantage

Next up the death and preservation bit. Above mummifying fish. Below deer butchery using flint technology (produced by the flint knapping). It sounds gory but it's fascinating. The Roe Deer was shot humanly and had a happy life in Dorset 

During the short showers I went indoors to the Conservation labs. 

 I think these are my favourite images from the day teaching people to make fire the old fashioned way

Training up the next generation

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