Graffitti in and around Brick Lane

If you're a regular reader you will know of my unhealthy obsession of street art, grafitti, urban art - whatever you want to call it. I had sometime to kill before I went to the Crafty Fox catch up so what is a girl to do when in Brick Lane  with a camera - yep you've guessed it! Here are my latest finds:

 First up this simply incredible homage to the sadly department Terry Prachett. I have read all Discworld books and credit Sir Terry as the author who got me into reading. I was diagnosed as being dyslexic in my late 20s and I've always been a slow reader. As I kid I never actually enjoyed reading a book for fun but this all changed when I stepped foot into Discworld.
 I'd heard about this art work for sometime but hadn't seen it in the flesh before. And it was simply mindblowing and inspired by the original Discworld art work of Josh Kirby
 I would have taken an overall view but there was a group of rather drunk people further down the wall and as there weren't many people about I didn't want to draw too much attention to myself but I hope these pictures give you the basic idea. I'll hopefully get to take some more pictures when I go to Manmade in a couple of weeks time.

 Opposite the Discworld artwork were these two (up and down)

 Just off Brick Lane is Grimsby Street which is recent discovery for me and is always full of new artwork. This is one by Selor
 Loved that even this old fridge was a canvas for someone
 I love Art is Trash's work and was delighted to see this
 Another two Selor pieces
This still makes me smile. It's by the iconic Stix 
The next set of photos are from around the streets of Brick Lane. Unfortunately I don't know the name of many of the artists but these are the images that stuck out. 

 Though I was able to see more by Selor
 Does this count? Made me smile....
And finally I struck gold (well I felt I had). Last year OH and I went to Ghent, the home of the artist Roa. Always black and white and always stunning. I think I just love their simplicity and I spotted not one but two pieces I haven't seen before. 

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