A trip down the Thames in black and white

From the sunshine of Friday to the grey of today, Bank Holiday Monday. OH and I had a very lazy start to the day and only made it out of the house late in  the afternoon. But we wanted to do something different, OK when I say we I mean I. So we headed to North Greenwich 
 Now you might think that my idea was to go on the cable car over the Thames. But we've already done that.  
 Though it does look might fine, even on a grey day. 
No I suggested a trip down the river on one of the clippers. Now we've been down the river before but it's usually on a party boat such as a wedding party. But never just as a tourist. And trust me there were loads of them.... 
 But with a discount on our Oyster card we settled down for a journey down to Embankment. We got up close and personal with the O2. Can you see the people on the top? Rather them than me. 

 Naval College
 The City 

 You see all sorts on the river, again rather them than me
 OH and I have been to the Captain Kidd, pirate country in Wapping and the execution site of pirates. 
 The river view of the River Police station over in Wapping, where my second cousin Pete works
 Great view of Tower Bridge 
 And going underneath the bridge. 
 Next up was alongside the Tower of London. Luckily we didn't have to enter through Traitor's Gate
 And the Walkie Talkie building. When I was in hospital back in 2013 they were building this and I had a prime view as the hospital was opposite this. Was great to see it finished. 
 The further into central London you get the more bridges you come across 
 Including the Millennium Bridge in front of St Paul's. 

And our last view before we disembarked at was of the Dazzle ship. Inspired by the camouflaged warships of World War I. 

Hope you enjoyed my mini trip down the Thames. It was a great way to get a different view of the city. Next time we want to go down to Kew though we've decided that it should be on a sunny day. Hope the Black and White pics haven't brought you down....

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