Crafty Update

Now it's been a while since I've shown you what I'm up to. I'm just about to finish another blanket which I'm very pleased with but it's meant I haven't had time to do much else but here's what I've been up to when not frantically crocheting.
 My niece is now 17 (I know, 17!! How on earth did that happen, though someone seemed surprised that I could possibly have a niece that old!, he didn't realise that I was 40 despite having known me for at least 8 years....). Anyway she loves horses and next year is off to the New Market jockey school so I made one of the photos I took at Trooping the Colour into a decoupage.
 Here's the close up... I did a similar thing last year but was very pleased with this year's results.
It was also my mum's birthday. You can't really see but the butterflies are 3D, four stuck on top of each other to give the card a bit more texture. I think it really worked. Luckily mum liked it (trust me she tells you if she doesn't!)
I was also inspired by the amazing paper cuts my friend Sophie did for my birthday and found this design on line at the Papercutting blog which has amazing templates you can download. Combines my love of all things Oz and paper cutting - what's not to love!!!
I've also been inspired by vinyl clocks and finally got round to making my own. Loved it! I had made one using a picture disc for my friend who celebrated her 40th 2 days before me but really wanted one all to myself!
With age I seem to have fallen a little bit in love with Queen (much to OH's disapproval) but thought that Don't Stop Me Now was appropriate with time as well as being a song which always makes me smile.
I was also inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee and also read Tilly and the Button's blog (she was on the show). I didn't realise until recently that she's a Brixtonian too and is now also one of the guest curators for the Crafty Fox's October Markets. It's a small world! Anyway I have plucked up the courage to try to make this! It's a little scary and is taking me for ever as I'm learning from scratch but will post when I'm all done. I've started it and so far so good! Wish me luck!
So that's my crafty progress for the past couple of weeks. I'll put up some photos of the next blanket soon as it's nearly finished. But I'll finish on a random note. The sky has been doing me proud and here are a few more sunset pics.
 Red sky at night, MarthaLoves delight!!

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  1. Good luck with the sewing, I bought a couple of summer dress patterns in a sale back in May and I'm afraid they are still in their packets. Good job it's raining!