Sunny Sussex adventure part one

Finally Summer has landed. I feel like we've been waiting about three years for it to arrive! Luckily on the hottest day of the year my friend Sophie (who you may recall made me the amazing paper cut card and picture for my birthday) and I had arranged to go for a photo day which we try and do at couple days of the year. As we arrange a date in advance the weather can be hit and miss but we finally struck gold with the weather.

So we set off 8am (I know, 8am on the Saturday but it meant traffic wasn't too bad) and headed off to the fabulous Great Dixter House and Gardens. I suggested that we broke the journey up and had spotted Bayham Abbey on the map. So after a few false starts through amazing Kent villages and crazy tree covered roads we finally found this amazing little space. The original plan was a brief pit stop but the cameras came out and we ended up staying over an hour.
It was an amazing little find, so peaceful and the cacophony of noise from the surround wildlife was amazing. Grass hoppers singing the grass, a laughing green woodpecker and a golden pheasant (which I heard but couldn't see).
This was amazing, a tree growing through a wall!
Also had the opportunity to experiment with perspective. Was really pleased with this upwards image
And looking through numerous door ways. But we couldn't stay all day! We had to get to our main destination, Great Dixter. I thought it was probably better to break up the posts as Dixter was truly incredible and there are lots of pictures!

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