Escape to the sun

Blimey it's been cold so how grateful was I to go to France for the week to see my mum and dad. And would you look at that sky. Lush. Though admittedly it was only like this for 2 days. The rest was grey and rain.
There was fog too
But we did get to go to the market in Cahors which is so vibrant in colour
Just look at these radishes!
And artichokes!
Just amazing
The village that mum and dad have a house in is called Blars. They've bought the house about 25 years ago and make a huge effort to integrate with the community when they're there. It helps that dad can speak fluent French and mum's is getting better and better. However a lot of the village is made up of second homes owned by both French and English so the village always looks shut up to me whenever I go.
But some of the neighbours were out in force. I love seeing free range chickens
Somehow they are good for the soul, well my soul anyway!
I love the fact that alot of the village just feels old. Not modern and new but lived in. Look at the age on this door. Just magical!
And look at the subtle green on this door
And this is the side door to the church which you know is there as the bells ring every hour AND half hour!
And finally look at this sunset! The stars that followed such a stunning sunset were mind blowing. So bright as the area has little light pollution. At times I felt I could just reach up and touch them. Anyway was so nice to get away and just relax. Shame it's back to the rat race!

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