Crafty update

Now you may note that I've not given a crafty update recently but rest assured I haven't been resting on my laurels. Here is what I worked on for most of March when I was ill for my dad.
I was really pleased with the outcome as it was also based on one of my photos. What do you think? Luckily he's just rung to say that he really liked it! Phew!
I've also been experimenting with following patterns and made the above flower
I then experimented and came up with a but more flamboyant rose on the right. Although I've been able to crochet since I was about 10 I've only just got the hang of following a pattern and I'm really enjoying it!
This is the next project which I'm working on. Can you tell what it is yet? Well it's based on the photo below. I'm really hoping that it's going to work but I don't think I'll know until I've finished. This is meant to be the bottom half... I have a lot of stitches to go so wish me luck! And perseverance....
Finally here is a sneeky peak of a pressie I'm working on for someone's birthday. Now if only I had another 10 hours in a day I could get so much more done......

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