A Sunny Afternoon

Finally the sun came out in full force today and boy was it nice! Just look at this blue sky in Brixton today, amazing! I went off to Brixton Makerhood's 'Making Uncovered' event in the newly renovated Brixton East.

The building itself is one I have always wondered about whenever I went past it on the bus before it was renovated. It had that air of longing to be loved and evocative of an earlier age.
It was a furniture warehouse built in 1871 and it has been loving restored to an art space that can be hired out.
I love the  joinery of the ceiling which has been left bare, showing it's soul almost...
Anyway the Makerhood event had many artists giving workshops from screenrprinting
To green woodworking
I'd gone along to meet up with some of the Crafty Fox Etsy Team  
And here they are. Was good meet some new people. I always feel a bit of a fraud as I suppose I'm more a hobbyist than a maker but still was glad I went. I still need to feel more confident about what I do mind..... one day I'll get there! At least making stuff is en vogue!! I remember a time when I no one else seemed to make things and my friend's said I was old before my time.....
And on the way home saw the last of the daffodils in St Matthew's Peace Garden. Love a bit of sunshine to put a spring in your step!

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